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Prager H3: Rising Star

Prager H3: Dennis talks to rising Republican star, Ryan Frazier, running for Congress in the Denver area. He’s in a very tight race. If he wins, you will be hearing a lot from this man… Shelby Steele understands why the President has failed to persuade the American people to follow his Leftist agenda… Dennis returns to Tom Lewis of CURE International… Dennis talks to Pat Toomey, Senate candidate for Pennsylvania. His race is one of the bellwethers of this election.

Prager H2: Left and Right Divide

Prager H2: Dennis continues to develop, with the help of callers, his theme that there are clear distinctions between the Left and Right… Who is more dangerous to society — big government or big business? No corporation has ever built a concentration camp… Dennis talks again to Tom Lewis of CURE International.

Prager H1: Getting Out of Your Way

Prager H1: Conservatives want to get of your way. Liberals would prefer to control as much as your life as they can… Dennis talks to Tom Lewis, national spokesman for CURE International, a medical charity that provides surgical care to children in the developing world… Dennis talks to Peter Corrigan, Ohio Republican congressional candidate running against Leftist Democrat, Dennis Kucinich. Corrigan has a real chance of winning.

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