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Prager 20120314 – 3 Fair Share

Prager H3: For the first time in its 244-year history, Encyclopedia Britannica will stop publishing print editions of its signature product and opt for digital media. Dennis asks what is lost if we continue down this path and cease to read from actual physical books in the future? In 2009, President Obama said that the Health Care Bill would cost around $900 Billion over ten years. Recently the Congressional Budget Office came out with figures that puts the grand total upwards of $2 Trillion. The common mantra of the Left is that “Big Oil” doesn’t pay their fair share of taxes, the truth… Exxon Mobil paid $20 Billion more in corporate taxes, than they made in domestic profits from 2005 to 2010. Stephen Hayes, senior political advisor for The Weekly Standard, talks about last night’s primary results.

Prager 20120314 – 1 Can Mitt Unite?

Prager H1: Rick Santorum wins again in Mississippi and Alabama raising the question: Is Romney conservative enough to win? Dennis thinks that Santorum is the most conservative candidate but eventually social conservatives will come around and vote for Romney. British PM David Cameron addresses the President as “Barack,” Dennis thinks this is just another example of the Left’s desire for everyone to be on the same level regardless of achievement. Callers weigh in.

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