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Prager 20120322 – 3 Etch a Sketch

Prager H3: After a big win, a terrific victory speech and a significant endorsement, Mitt Romney has some wind taken out of his sails by an unfortunate statement by a top aide… A shooting in Florida of a black teenager has attracted a lot of attention. The shooter is described in the NY Times as a “white Hispanic.” Since when has the NY Times used the term “white Hispanic”?

Prager 20120322 – 2 Tax the Lucky

Prager H2: A New York Times economics columnist says that the only way to restore economic equality to the country is to tax the lucky, that is, those who have been fortunate enough to make a lot of money… Dennis talks to Larry Arnn about Hillsdale College internet-based Constitution 101 course… Dennis talks to Adam Carolla about their new joint appearance in San Diego in early May.

Prager 20120322 – 1 See No Evil

Prager H1: Why was the French Islamic terrorist allowed to roam free before he murdered a rabbi and his two sons? He had already committed numerous crimes… Dennis talks to Joseph Antos, former Assistant Director for Health and Human Resources, Congressional Budget Office and now a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute specializing in Health Care issues. The topic is Congressman Paul Ryan’s new budget.

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