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Prager 20120604 – 3 That Guy

Prager H3: Dennis talks to John Taylor, Professor of Economics at Stanford about the implosion of the Euro and the unemployment situation… Sarah Jessica Parker has recorded an ad for the President. It’s not accurate to put it mildly… John Edwards trial is a repudiation of campaign finance laws. Why can’t people donate money to candidates as they wish? Now it’s a maze of lawyers and loopholes.

Prager 20120604 – 2 Big Gulp

Prager H2: America’s Nanny, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has opened himself up to a lot of deserved ridicule for his ban on 16 ounce soda drinks. It’s tempting to laugh this off, but it’s a serious matter. Our freedoms are slowly being eaten away by the Left… Maureen Dowd has turned her fangs on the President… A Christian pastor dies from a rattlesnake bite. It was part of his preaching. Sadly, he did a disservice to good religion.

Prager 20120604 – 1 Recall

Prager H1: The biggest election of 2012? It might be tomorrow in Wisconsin. Dennis talks to Frank Luntz, renowned pollster and Fox News analyst, about the election.

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