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Prager 20130513 – 3 Benghazi and Barack

Prager H3: What happened to accountability… does the buck stop anywhere?! Dennis discusses the handling of Benghazi during and post, callers weigh in.

Prager 20130513 – 2 No Happy Easter

Prager H2: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has ruled that it is illegal to say “Happy Easter” to Coptic Christians… Pope Francis has designated a new group of martyrs for sainthood. They were beheaded by Muslims a thousand years ago for refusing to convert to Islam. Is the Pope sending a message?… A group of janitors in Colorado are suing a Denver college because all their signs are not in Spanish… Dennis talks to best-selling author and nationally syndicated columnist, Ann Coulter.

Prager 20130513 – 1 David and Barack

Prager H1: It bugs Dennis when leaders refer to each other by their first names and not their titles. This is something new to the Obama Administration… The IRS targeted conservative groups. This was known by high ranking IRS officials for two years, but they said nothing. Can you imagine what kind of scandal this would be if a Republican Administration targeted “progressive” groups?… There are still more questions than answers about what happened in Benghazi… A NY Times cartoon about college commencement addresses reveals the paper’s Leftist bias.

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