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Prager 20130520 – 03 The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Prager H3: Dennis continues to deconstruct the President’s speech at Morehouse College. There was much to admire in the speech; and much not to… The NY Times is impressed with a college application from a young woman who doesn’t consider herself an American, but a citizen of the earth.

Prager 20130520 – 02 Tweet to Hell

Prager H2: In Saudi Arabia, according to a leading cleric, if you tweet you lose your chance at the afterlife… There are 175K regulations on business, according to a new study, and it never stops growing… The President spoke to the graduating class of Morehouse College. He said some good stuff and some not good stuff… Hezbollah has joined forces with Bashir Assad – more Muslims killing more Muslims. Isn’t Israel supposed to be the enemy?

Prager 20130520 – 01 Draining Authority

Prager H1: The liberal agenda is about concentrating power in Washington which means giving more power to fewer people… Palestinian history is written with lies. Here’s one. Jesus was a Palestinian. This is not a good way to build a country…

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