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Prager 20130516 – 3 Moral Idiots

Prager H3: A lawyer for Ariel Castro says that he spent three hours with this monster and has come to conclusion that he’s not a bad guy… Didn’t the media say that “the fish rots from the head” during the Bush administration “scandals” like Abu Ghraib?… The former chairman of the NAACP compares Republicans to the Taliban… A montage of post Benghazi announcements reveal that the President was sticking to his “video story” for two weeks after the event.

Prager 20130516 – 2 The White Race Must Rule

Prager H2: Chris Matthews has devolved into a hysteric. It’s actually sad. Yesterday he said that conservatives are motivated by the belief that the “white race must rule.” … Dennis talks to Heather MacDonald, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor to City Journal. They discuss the moral corruption embedded in the University of California system.

Prager 20130516 – 1 The Worm Turns

Prager H1: The Press is turning against the President. They’re especially upset by the wiretapping of AP. Their anger won’t last, but that it’s happening at all is noteworthy… The LA school district will long suspend students for acts of “defiance.” That will do wonders for the classroom environment…

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