Prager 20130605 – 3 More Becky

Prager H3: Dennis returns to Becky Gerritson’s statement to Congress… HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius solicited health care companies to aid a private organization whose sole purpose is to promote ObamaCare. This is another scandal… NBC’s Brian Williams describes the Islamist leader of Turkey as a purveyor of “conservative values.” Such is the liberal brainwash.

Prager 20130605 – 1 I Am Becky

Prager H1: Becky Gerritson of the Watumpka Alabama Tea Party proves Dennis’s axiom that passion produces eloquence. Dennis identifies closely with this woman who personifies the best of America. But she is an anathema to the Left… Dennis talks to Alexandra Smith, National Chair of the College Republican National Committee. Her organization has written a report on why young people are turned off by the Republican “brand.”

Prager 20130604 – 2 The Youth Vote

Prager H2: A new report by the College Republican National Committee demonstrates how effective the liberal brainwash has been… Dennis talks to Carolyn Hennesy, a leading actress on the famed afternoon soap opera, General Hospital.

Prager 20130604 – 1 On What You Spend, Not Earn

Prager H1: A national sales tax that would replace the income tax would solve a lot of our IRS problems… Europe is slowly dying – economically and demographically… A judge in Colorado has accepted James Holmes plea of guilty by reason of insanity. In a more just world, this monster would be dead already, killed by the State…

Prager 20130603 – 3 Isolationist

Prager H3: The Obama Administration wants to retreat from the world. Unfortunately, Russia and Iran are doing the opposite… The death penalty is the law in California, but the courts and the legislature has made it all but impossible to carry out. The victims are gone, but the ACLU works tirelessly to keep murderers alive…

Prager 20130603 – 2 Welfare State

Prager H2: Germany over counted its population by 1.5M. Europe is slowly disappearing. The European welfare state can’t sustain itself. There aren’t enough people… We’re choking off economic growth with massive government regulation. It’s an endless process of accretion; rarely, if ever, subtraction…

Prager 20130603 – 1 Storm Chasers

Prager H1: Three storm chasers, a father and son among them, were killed in Oklahoma over the weekend. The cliché is that they died doing what they loved, but was it worth the risks?… A prominent Sunni cleric says those who support Syria are “worse than Jews and Christians.” … The State Department warns US tourists to stay away from Egypt.

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