Prager 20130614 – 1 Nice Was Nice

Prager H1: Dennis returns from his conference in Nice, France… We need the NSA program, but we also need more honesty from the President… The rebels in Syria execute a teenager for insulting Mohammed. Both sides in this conflict are reprehensible…

Prager 20130613 – 3 Belly Up

Prager H3: Mark Isler fills in for Dennis. Steve Malanga, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joins the show to discuss the increasing risk of bankruptcy in U.S. cities and the adverse effects of liberal state policies.

Prager 20130613 – 1 Read the Bill

Prager H1: Mark Isler fills in for Dennis. Mark talks with David Hogberg, Senior Health Care Analyst for the Nation Center for Public Policy Research, about the ramifications of Obamacare. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20130612 – 3 America’s Pastime

Prager H3: Dennis talks with Edward Achorn about his latest book, The Summer of Beer and Whiskey: How Brewers, Barkeeps, Rowdies, Immigrants, and a Wild Pennant Fight Made Baseball America’s Game.

Prager 20130612 – 2 Male/Female Hour: 29

Prager H2: Dennis has a long-standing theory: twenty-nine is a key age for women. Something happens around this age that makes a woman begin to question her life, the basic stuff – who am I, what are am doing with my life, and do I want a career or a home or both. Dennis has some theories as to why this is. Callers offer their own. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on March 4, 2009.

Prager 20130612 – 1 Freedom v Security

Prager H1: The tension between freedom and security is, sadly, a real question. Dennis more fears being blown up by terrorists than being harassed by government snoops… Hayward, California has embarked on a plan of toy gun control!.. Dennis talks to Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute who is with him in France. They discuss the issue of intelligent design… Civil Libertarians want to end a NY Police program that has cut the murder rate in that city by 80%…

Prager 20130611 – 2 The Unmediated Man

Prager H2: The NSA leaker shows all the signs of being a conspiracy-believing loner. His self-righteous pronouncements suggest that he sees himself as victim, never a good sign… Are Americans “grown up children.”? That’s how a Frenchwoman with some experience in the USA describes us… Dennis talks about the intelligent design symposium he’s attending in France. More and more scientists are signing on to the “multi-verse” theory. The reason, ironically, is because the arguments for a Designer get more and more powerful.

Prager 20130611 – 1 Viva la France

Prager H1: Dennis broadcasts live from Nice, France where he is attending a conference… Do terrorists threaten our lives? We know the answer to this question. Does the NSA spying program threaten our liberties? We don’t know the answer to this question… Again, callers disagree with Dennis over the tension between security and freedom.

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