Prager 20130618 – 2 The Next Civil Right

Prager H2: A UCLA professor is deeply upset that we still have male and female bathrooms. It’s unfair to the transgendered. It’s Jim Crow all over again… Want to see what a post Pax Americana world will look like? Just look at Syria now…. Dennis talks to Tara Ross, the leading expert on the Electoral College. There’s a major movement afoot to abolish it.

Prager 20130618 – 1 Pot Heads

Prager H1: Dennis is not a fan of marijuana. A new story from a close friend reinforces his view… A state-funded museum in Paris is holding an exhibit glorifying Palestinian suicide bombers… Miss Alabama makes good sense when asked about the NSA Issue… An Ivy League professor speaks nonsense about abortion and “whiteness” on MSNBC.

“It’s the Values, Stupid” / A Conversation with the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain

This is a two-part lecture

1. “It’s the Values, Stupid”
Bill Clinton famously based his successful 1992 presidential campaign on the motto, “it’s the economy, stupid.” By that he meant, all voters care about is their own economic interest. Dennis has long disagreed. He has a different formulation. He explains that while economic issues are of critical importance, the paramount issue is ultimately values.

2. A Conversation with the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain
Dennis has a fascinating conversation with the erudite Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Jonathan Sacks. They cover a full range of ultimate issues topics.

Prager 20130617 – 3 No Hero He

Prager H3: The leaker of NSA documents is no hero. He’s a narcissist… Dennis replays the CBS reporter comparing the candidates of the Iranian election with members of the Tea Party… Dennis talks to Andrew Roberts, British historian, about his new Prager University course, “Why America’s Military Must Be Strong.”

Prager 20130617 – 2 Fascist State

Prager H2: Who do you support in Syria – the mass murdering dictator, backed by Iran and Russia, or the rebels with their ties to Al Qaeda?… A Brit who has lived in China for 16 years has given up his plan to spend his life in that country. It’s inhospitable to freedom… A CBS reporter compares the candidates in the Iranian election to the Tea Party… A Texas woman thwarts a carjacking. She’s the hero of the week… Venezuela wants to make it illegal to bottle feed…

Prager 20130617 – 1 Dads

Prager H1: The Atlantic published a piece yesterday acknowledging that dads have a useful role to play in the life of their children, one that is distinct from moms. The author even cites studies… Turkey is in turmoil. The country’s president, Recep Erdogan, calls his opponents terrorists… Iran held one of its sham elections this weekend. The winner is “a moderate.” We shall see how moderate that is.

Prager 20130614 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. But first Dennis talks about some of his experiences in France…

Prager 20130614 – 2 Happiness Hour: Fathers

Prager H2: Father’s Day is Sunday. Dennis addresses the importance of fathers to our happiness. But the NY Times isn’t sure that fathers are really necessary any more. They’re optional. Callers weigh in.

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