Prager 20130827 – 02 More Syria

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Bret Stephens, columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Stephens think we should take aim at those responsible for the chemical attacks – Assad and his brother… Remember the horrible racist graffiti that blanketed liberal Oberlin College this past spring and sparked a national outrage? Turns out it was all a fraud perpetrated by two Leftist students… The Keystone pipeline decision is being delayed again – til 2014 at least.

Prager 20130827 – 01 Syria

Prager H1: The Obama Administration appears to ready to launch some cruise missiles at Syria now that Assad has crossed the chemical weapons “red line.” Is this the right move now? Or do we simply have no choice.

Prager 20130826 – 3 Step Aside

Prager H3: Dennis discusses an article in the NYT that states America should not take any side in Syria, Dennis agrees that it is in our interest to have a prolonged stalemate. San Diego Mayor Filner will resign finally, at the end of this week, and he’s still blaming the women for coming forward. In light of the Bertfish Medical Center not hiring smokers, Dennis asks, will you also not hire obese people?

Prager 20130826 – 2 I Have a Dream

Prager H2: 20130826 – 2 Dennis plays highlights from the famous speech Martin Luther King gave 50 years ago and comments… Dennis talks to Joe Hicks, the Vice President of Community Advocates, Inc. and former Executive Director of the Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission. He was also Executive Director of the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The topic is the civil rights movement today and yesterday.

Prager 20130826 – 1 Flushing

Prager H1: Why has it becomes so expensive to go to college? And what are our parents and students getting for it? Dennis cites data from a renowned economist. Callers have their own ideas.

Prager 20130823 – 03 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda: how do you deal with an ultra-liberal cousin; should you ask someone with a “war is not the answer” button or bumper sticker to explain it; who is Dennis’s favorite king and prophet in the Old Testament.

Prager 20130823 – 01 Out of Liberty

Prager H1: Americans are being lulled out of their love of liberty… In New Mexico, the state Supreme Court has ruled against a Christian photographer who refused to photograph a same sex wedding… A man hands his son his beer so he can take a photo at a football game and runs into a big problem with the law… What do about Egypt? Conservatives aren’t in agreement on this issue… The Left in NYC thinks the city is too safe.

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