Prager 20130822 – 03 Monsters

Prager H3: Even some liberals recognize that until blacks face the moral degradation in their own communities will real progress be made. Chasing after every white “racist” will not help… The President is more like the CEO of the Ford Foundation than a Saul Alinsky-style community organizer.

Prager 20130822 – 02 Heart Health

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Dr. Michael Richman, heart surgeon and founder of the Center for Cholesterol Management in West Los Angeles, CA.

Prager 20130822 – 01 The Generals

Prager H1: There is no easy to divide between liberals and conservatives on the issue of whether or not we should be supporting the Egyptian generals… Dennis reads a letter from the Los Angeles Jewish Journal which takes issue with his latest column. The letter writer takes umbrage with Dennis contending that men and women are inherently different…

Prager 20130821 – 03 Boredom

Prager H3: In Oklahoma, a visiting Australian baseball player was jogging and killed by two teens who say they were bored. The teens didn’t have religion and Dennis suspects that is the main reason this happened. Then Dennis is joined by Humberto Fontova, prolific author and frequent commentator on Latin American affairs. His new book is The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro… and Chris Matthews is at it again.

Prager 20130821 – 01 Dog Days

Prager H1: More than a few readers of Dennis’s column on new research on the “Would you save your dog or a stranger?” question voted for the dog. A generation ago, people would have thought such an answer was a joke… A noble street sweeper in the UK thwarts a mugging…. The President of Turkey blames Israel for the coup in Egypt and laughably contends he has proof… Young lawyers can’t find jobs.

Prager 20130820 – 2 Best of the Bad

Prager H2: What is the best of the bad choices in Egypt?… In Oregon a state official says that a baker needs to be “rehabilitated” when he refuses to make a cake for a lesbian wedding.

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