Prager 20170523 – 2 More Manchester

What else can one say about these terror attacks. They have a terrible sameness about them. The suicide bomber was born in the UK, according to reports… Dennis returns to the President’s excellent speech in Saudi Arabia… Dennis talks to Eric Metaxas, author, friend and fellow talk show host. Eric is leading an effort to instill patriotism in American kids.

Prager 20170523 – 1 Terror in Manchester

22 people, including young children, were murdered by a suicide bomber in Manchester, England. 59 people were injured, many by shrapnel from the bomb… The President made an excellent speech in Saudi Arabia. He used the words “good” and “evil.” That alone represents great progress over the previous administration… Dennis talks to Carol Swain, professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University. She teaches the newest course from PragerU, “The Inconvenient Truth about the Democratic Party.”

Prager 20170522 – 2 Don Bibi

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis as President Trump and PM Netanyahu met and addressed the media to discuss the alliance between Israel and the US.

Prager 20170522 – 1 Three Reactions

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and reviews how we have reacted to President Trump: Love it, hate it, or not sure. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20170519 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual callers, callers set agenda for this hour. Issues raised include: what is your opinion on increasing taxes on junk food; why are the Latter Day Saints always picked on; why is the divorce rate higher in the U.S. than in Europe; can you make a PragerU video on the war of Western Civilization; do you understand that structural racism is the reason why blacks are still at the bottom?

Prager 20170519 – 2 Happiness Hour: Growing Up

We live in a Peter Pan age: let’s stay young and irresponsible for as long as possible. But the only real happiness can be had by growing up; that is, maturing and accepting responsibility.

Prager 20170519 – 1 Lemonade

Dennis was on CNN last night. His defense of the President provoked a lot of negative reaction… Senator Diane Feinstein admits there is no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia. But we still need an investigation. Why?… Trump’s policies are truly conservative, so why are so many conservatives griping?…

Prager 20170518 – 3 The General

Trump is the general. He may have his flaws. But we need him to win the Civil War… Philadelphia elects a DA who has defended Black Lives Matter and was funded by George Soros… Those who know Donald Trump well, like the owner of the NE Patriots, love him.

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