Prager 20170518 – 2 Slow-Motion Coup

Dennis reflects on Victor Davis Hanson comment that we are experience a slow-motion coup orchestrated by the Left and the Media. Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former Federal prosecutor and columnist for National Review.

Prager 20170518 – 1 Blink

The Assistant Attorney General decides to appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump campaign collusion with the Russians. In short, the Republicans blinked. If the special counsel, Robert Mueller, investigates the criminal leaks then maybe this will turn out well…. Dennis talks to Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Prager 20170517 – 1 Comey Returns

New accusations against the President: he pressured the former FBI director to drop his investigation of Michael Flynn. And what did he do exactly? He told Comey (according to an anonymous source) that Flynn was a good guy. Hey, if that isn’t worthy of impeachment, what is?

Prager 20170516 – 2 Opposition

The media has staked out a position against the President. It was Comey last week. Today it’s Trump leaked “classified” info to Russians… Dennis talks to Amie Parnes, senior White House correspondent for The Hill. Her new book written with Jonathan Allen is Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.

Prager 20170516 – 1 Hysteria Du Jour

Didn’t take long. Comey is off the front page replaced by a new horror: Trump exposed classified info to the Russians. Except everyone who was in the meeting says he didn’t. But the Washington Post says their sources say he did. So, choose: who you believe? The people who were there or the people who weren’t?

Prager 20170515 – 3 Kakistocracy

Dennis continues to deconstruct this foolish opinion piece in Sunday’s NY Times… Does it matter how young or old our leaders are?… Chuck Todd badgers Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Meet the Press. When Tillerson doesn’t take the bait, Todd gets more and more frustrated.

Prager 20170515 – 2 Russia Obsessed

The media is obsessed with Russian influence in our election. Meanwhile, N. Korea fires off an improved missile and it barely gets covered… The new President of France is devoted to the Global Warming leading to catastrophe scenario… A New York Times opinion writer wants to move to the socialist paradise of Norway. Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?

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