Prager 20170927 – 1 Divisive

Dennis’s new column on who is responsible for the divisiveness in America has gone viral. The Left has been dividing the country for decades… The coach of San Antonio Spurs lectures reporters on white privilege…

Prager 20170925 – 3 Football Political

Who injected politics into football? It wasn’t the President. He’s trying to get politics out of it… Dennis talks to Sander Gerber, fellow at the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs. He’s the leading proponent of the Taylor Force Act, legislation to stop American money going to Palestinian terrorists and their families… Dennis talks to Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. His new book is Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth.

Prager 20170925 – 2 National Football Leftists

The players’ protest is predicated on a lie – that the United States is a racist country… It’s up to the fans to make a stand for the flag and the anthem… If the NFL suffers financially, this nonsense will stop.

Prager 20170925 – 1 Political Football

This weekend’s football was all about politics. Yes, the President made a provocative statement, but he spoke for millions of Americans who don’t like to see their flag and the National Anthem insulted. And who started all this? Who injected politics into the game? The Left poisons everything it touches. Now it’s football…

Prager 220170922 – 3 Politichicks

Mark Isler fills in for Dennis and is joined by Morgan Brittany and Ann-Marie Murrell, The Politichicks. Their new book is Politichicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism.

Prager 20170922 – 2 You’re Not Alone

Mark Isler fills in for Dennis and tells the story of having to keep his politics secret in public, and laments that in 2017 people have to keep silent to keep the peace.

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