Prager 20170922 – 1 They Eat Their Own

Mark Isler fills in for Dennis and addresses Nancy Pelosi’s Dreamers awakening, President Trump’s grade thus far, and Black Lives Matter… callers weigh in.

Prager 20170921 – 3 Little Fat Man

Rose Tennent fills in for Dennis and talks with Former UN Amb. John Bolton and Heather Mac Donald to discuss President Trump’s UN Speech and the political climate in the states.

Prager 20170920 – 3 A Queer List

University of California at Davis LGBTQIA Resource center provides you with a list of sexual terms. These people have too much time on their hands. They’re bored. And they just make things up… A football team of 8-year-olds refused to stand for the National Anthem… Jews with conservatives political views have few places to go for the Jewish High Holidays.

Prager 20170920 – 1 Fantasy Land

The Left lives in a fantasy land. The LA Times thinks the UN is “our hope.” What has the UN ever done to bring peace to any conflict zone? Just ask the Rwandans… The Left didn’t like the President’s UN’s speech. Hardly a surprise… On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Dennis reflects on the God-centered life…

Prager 20170919 – 2 Standing Tall

The President spoke at the United Nations this morning. He gave a powerful, muscular speech. Dennis plays clips and comments…

Prager 20170919 – 1 Train Wreck

Is the Trump presidency a train wreck, as some Leftists are saying, or is it a steamroller that’s getting a lot done?… Nancy Pelosi gets shouted down by some of her beloved “Dreamers.” Does it ever occur to these angry young people to thank the citizens of the United States. After all, who paid for their health care, education, housing and probably a lot of their food?… A new study from climate scientists in the UK reports that Global Warming is happening at a slower rate than the computer models predicted.

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