Dennis Prager 220190215 – 1 National Emergency

The President declares a national emergency in order to finish building his border wall. Did he have any choice? Is this a wise political move? The President also duels with the media in a post-announcement press conference. Dennis plays clips and analyzes.

Dennis Prager 20190214 – 3 Michael Medved

Dennis talks to his fellow talk show host and podcaster, Michael Medved. Topics raised include: Amazon abandoning NYC, blackface, and anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Dennis Prager 20190214 – 2 Who Are Your Valentines?

Dennis reads a study that lists how much Americans spend on their spouse, children and pets – yes pets – for Valentine’s Day. Callers react… Dennis talks to Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer, for PragerU. The topic: new Twitter shadowing banning scandal.

Dennis Prager 20190214 – 1 Valentine’s Day

Americans will spend $20B on Valentine’s Day. What’s wrong with that?… Dennis talks to Reihan Salam, Executive Editor of National Review. He teaches the newest PragerU video “America Wants Legal Immigrants.”

Dennis Prager 20190213 – 3 New Green Depression

The Green New Deal exposes the Left. Their plans for sun and wind are utterly unworkable. Nuclear power is the proof that environmental movement is hysterical. Nuclear power is clean and safe, but environmentalists are against it…. Sarah Silverman once again proves what a low life she is.

Dennis Prager 20190213 – 1 Angry and Successful

Spike Lee trashes America, per usual. The man is a multi-millionaire, famous, with courtside seats at Knick games and all he can do is trash the nation that made his good fortune all possible… Pain plus blame equals hatred. This explains many on the Left…

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