Dennis Prager 20190206 – 3 SOTU, Part 3

Dennis continues his analysis of the President’s speech… Stacey Abrams gave the Democrat Party rebuttal. She’s a good speaker; can’t say the same for her Leftist values and policy ideas.

Dennis Prager 20190206 – 2 SOTU, Part 2

The President scored excellent point after excellent point. Even when he said something positive from a bipartisan perspective the Dems couldn’t applaud. His case for building a wall is compelling and full of common sense.

Dennis Prager 20190205 – 2 No Nothings

PragerU Influencer, Will Witt, interviewed young people about their knowledge of the Holocaust. Many had no knowledge. Dennis talks to Will about his experience… The Virginia governor is so far refusing to step down. He’s a low-life who used the false charge of “racist” against Republican opponent, but he doesn’t deserve to have his career ended by something that happened 35 years ago.

Dennis Prager 20190205 – 1 Foolish

When a society loses faith in God, it becomes foolish. This doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time, but it happens… The Left doesn’t lose sleep over telling the truth. Their cause, whatever it is at the moment, is more important than truth-telling… The Swedish model is not one we should emulate…

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