Dennis Prager 20190325 – 2 Mueller Lands

Dennis continues his discussion of the Mueller report and the fraudulent Trump-hating media that fueled it… Dennis talks to Kimberley Strassel, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, about what should happen next: investigate what the Dems did.

Dennis Prager 20190325 – 1 Dud

The Mueller reports lands with a dud. Should we be surprised? Why would we be? It was witch hunt from the start… Dennis talks to Steve Cortes, CNN political analyst, about the Mueller Report and another big fraud – that the President did not say that neo-Nazis were “good people.”

Dennis Prager 20190322 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what college can you go to that supports conservative values; should 16-year-olds get the vote; how effective is PragerU; what is Judaism’s view of abortion. Dennis talks to Tiana Elisara, a student at the U. of Hawaii and PragerForce member.

Dennis Prager 20190322 – 1 Smear

Alan Dershowitz and Michael Steinhardt, both liberals, fight to save their reputations against unproven #MeToo charges… The President declares the obvious: the Golan Heights belongs to Israel. But everyone before him was afraid say it, let alone act on it… The New York Times casually slanders another good man, Sebastian Gorka. It’s what they do and it’s shameful.

Dennis Prager 20190321 – 3 American Christianity

The Founders of America incorporated the Judeo portion of the Bible to create a special strain of Christianity. It was this Old Testament centered Christianity that helped build the the foundations of the country and allowed it to prosper. We are in danger of losing it. Conservatives should understand this, but too often they don’t.

Dennis Prager 20190321 – 2 More McCain

The war hero did a lot of good. The Senator did a lot of damage… If you’re not for nuclear power, you’re not really worried about carbon emissions… In the UK police are investigating people who are willfully “misgendering.” …Dennis talks to Will Witt, PragerU Influencer and social media boy wonder.

Dennis Prager 20190321 – 1 World and America

Most of the world is not like America. We happen to live in an especially fine place. Too bad too many Americans don’t appreciate it… The President has harsh words for the late Senator, John McCain. He was asked a question by the media and he, the President, responded honestly. McCain was a war hero and a disappointing Senator. You can be both.

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