Dennis Prager 20190313 – 3 Illegal Alien Crime

A woman is murdered in California by an illegal alien criminal. He had been arrested 6 times. The state would not cooperate with ICE… Dennis talks to Christian Clementi, student at Grand Canyon University in Arizona and PragerForce member… The President orders the grounding of 737MAX jets.

Dennis Prager 20190313 – 1 False God

The college admission scandal highlights the false god of education. Is it really important to your social standing that your kid goes to a prestigious college? Apparently, so… Dennis talks to Bill Gertz, senior editor, The Washington Free Beacon and national security columnist. The Washington Times. The topic is the incompetence of our intel agencies… Why is Paul Manafort going to jail for 8 years?

Dennis Prager 20190312 – 2 Fear of the Left

Fear of the left is the dominant fear in the United States… Tucker Carlson defends himself against charges that he made “insensitive” comments a decade or more ago… Feminism, environmentalism, socialism are essentially front groups for Leftism.

Dennis Prager 20190312 – 1 Nuke Power

The Left is hysterical about Global Warming, but they’re against nuclear power, the best solution to carbon emissions… What’s the bigger problem in black life: lack of fathers in the home or lack of funding for public schools… Dennis talks to Lillian King, a Maryland high school student and member of PragerForce.

Dennis Prager 20190311 – 2 AOC’s Capitalism

For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez capitalism can’t be redeemed… Profits are a dirty word… Why is socialism making a comeback?… Dennis talks to New Jersey high school student Boris Kizenko, a PragerForce member. Boris plans to run for President in 2040… The US will soon surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading exporting of energy. This was thought to be impossible a few years ago.

Dennis Prager 20190311 – 1 Jussie Justice

Why are there so many racist hoaxes? Because there is so little racism… In the New England Journal of Medicine, a white female doctor declares herself to be a racist even though she’s not — but she’s desperate to prove that she is.

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