Dennis Prager 20190319 – 1 Reparations

Elizabeth Warren joins the rest of Democrat field to call for reparations. How is that supposed to work? Who pays whom? Dennis talks to John Aminov, Junior at Rider University, NJ and PragerForce member.

Dennis Prager 20190318 – 3 Screaming at Chelsea

Leftists students at NYU scream at Chelsea Clinton, blaming her for the attack in New Zealand. Why? Because she criticized anti-semitic comments by Minnesota congresswoman, Ilhan Omar… Dennis talks to Curtis Hill, Attorney General of Indiana. The topic is the constitutionality of the President’s national emergency order to build a wall at our southern border.

Dennis Prager 20190315 – 3 Madness

There is nothing to be learned from the massacre in New Zealand. The murderer is a madman. Deconstructing his ravings will illuminate nothing… The CEO of CNN makes the usual sanctimonious and untrue statements about how unbiased and courageous the media is… Dan talks to Aaron Haviland, graduate of the US Naval Academy, Marine and now a law student at Yale University. Topic: the domineering leftist influence at Yale.

Dennis Prager 20190315 – 2 Dream Board

Are things shaping up well for the President in 2020? His potential Democrat opponents are fighting each other to see who is more Left. Is Bernie the favorite?… Dan talks to Robert Woodson, founder and president of the Woodson Center. They discuss the broader social consequences of the college admissions scandal.

Dennis Prager 20190315 – 1 Massacre in New Zealand

Dan Proft guest hosts for Dennis. Over 40 people have been murdered in a massacre in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. Dan refuses to state the murderer’s name… We will endlessly debate the murderer’s motives. This will lead us nowhere… Dan talks to Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars. The topic: the college admissions scandal.

Dennis Prager 20190314 – 3 Higher Ed Scandal

Why did wealthy parents feel it necessary to make sure that their kids got into prestigious schools?… Dennis talks to Marissa Streit, CEO of Prager University/PragerU.

Dennis Prager 20190314 – 2 Tom Sowell

Dennis talks to Thomas Sowell, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. His new book is Discrimination and Disparities, Revised and Enlarged Edition.

Dennis Prager 20190314 – 1 Here Comes Beto

Another Democrat has entered the race against the President, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke… He’s glib and vapid, a very good combination from a Democratic Party perspective. He immediately signs on to the Green New Deal… If the President in 2020 is not Republican, he or she will be a socialist… Dennis to Bradley Cooper, a high school student in Missouri and member of PragerForcer.

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