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Dennis Prager 20200706 – 3 Melting Pot

Dennis is a big fan of E Pluribus Unum. Integration of ethnicities and races is a major plus. That used to be a liberal value… The Mayor of Chicago blames lack of health insurance, not enough money for schools and a legacy of racism for the city’s incredible murder rate. Do you have to go to good school to learn murder is wrong?… Tammy Duckworth, Democratic Senator from Illinois, wants to debate whether or not we should tear down statues of Washington and Jefferson.

Dennis Prager 20200706 – 2 Judge Jeanine

Dennis made an eloquent defense Fourth of July on Judge Jeanine’s show. The reactions to it are fascinating and depressing… Dennis talks to Beau Briese, emergency room doctor in Houston, Texas, the so-called epicenter of the “second wave” of corona virus.

Dennis Prager 20200706 – 1 Slandering Lincoln

University of Wisconsin students want to bring down a Lincoln statue. Sure, he liberated the slaves, but he wasn’t sufficiently “pro-black.”…Poor people around the world have suffered terribly from corona virus lockdown. Not the virus. The lockdown. No one notices… Calvin Coolidge gave a beautiful speech in 1926 praising the Declaration of Independence.

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