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Dennis Prager 20200723 – 3 Skinned

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The Washington Redskins are now the Washington Football Team. The bullies won again. Shame on FedEx. Shame on the Redskins for caving… It is the human condition to fight off of great threats: the plague, marauding invaders, Fascism and Communism. We need not exaggerate our own perilous times. Compared to the past, we’re doing fine…

Dennis Prager 20200723 – 2 Keep Your Hands off My Anthem

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Sports fans should not yield to the America-haters who want to replace the national anthem with some other “woke” song. One more thing: those who kneel are expressing contempt for the flag and the nation for which it stands. They should be honest about it… Is baseball really going to pipe in fake crowd noise?

Dennis Prager 20200723 – 1 Opposition Party

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The media is the opposition party every bit as much as the Democrats are. The idea that they can objectively report on the President is a farce… Love of country should be the baseline for civil discussion…

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