Dennis Prager 20201019 – 2 Loathing the Lockdown

This isn’t a left/right issue. India and Israel have conservative governments and have engaged in ruinous lockdowns… It seems clear that the Hunter Biden scandal emails are legitimate. The major media has worked overtime to block the story… There was gruesome murder in France last week, an Islamist terror attack…

Dennis Prager 20201019 – 1 Freedom

With each passing day, we are giving up more freedom. Ironically, the ultra-orthodox Jews of New York understand freedom and science better than most secular Americans… Warner Brothers has given a major movie and tv deal to one of the founders of BLM…

Dennis Prager 20201016 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: 8th grade teacher virtue signals and has BLM posters in classroom; Son’s teacher is indoctrinating students in 5th grade; is it awkward for you that many people feel like they know you personally; Why would God have humans write the Bible; Upset that you say Floyd was not murdered; Hearing that Brooklyn watches PragerU everyday encouraged me to make another donation to PragerU; Disagrees. U.S. is systemically racist?

Dennis Prager 20201016 – 1 Dueling

The President was on NBC. Joe Biden was on ABC. The contrast was stark. The NBC host debated the President. The ABC host threw Joe Biden softballs… Dennis plays dueling clips, and comments…

Dennis Prager 20201015 – 3 Swedish Model

Did Sweden do the right thing re: coronavirus… The chances for voter fraud in this upcoming election are almost limitless… Is non mask-wearing an example of toxic masculinity?

Dennis Prager 20201015 – 2 Covid-19 Denialism

“Covid denialism” is a new NY Times insult for those who don’t tow the lockdown line. But who has ever denied that Covid-19 exists?… Dennis talks to Ward Connerly, president of the No on Prop 16. The Left wants to bring Affirmative Action back to CA…

Dennis Prager 20201015 – 1 Sexual Preference

The term “sexual preference” is now considered a pejorative because it implies choice… Yelp will let consumers rate establishments as “racist.” No proof is necessary. The mere accusation is enough. What if the owner is a known conservative?… Dennis talks to ADF senior counsel, David Cortman.

Dennis Prager 20201014 – 3 Mail-In Balloting

Dennis talks to Eric Eggers, investigative reporter for the Government Accountability Institute. He presents the new PragerU video “How to Steal an Election: Mail-in Balloting.” …More 32K doctors and scientists call for the end of the lockdown. But the lockdown-loving LA Times calls their declaration a “hoax.”

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