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Dennis Prager 20210204 – 3 In State

Why is Officer Sicknick lying in State at the Capitol? We don’t know how he died. There is no evidence that he died from a blow to the head from a fire extinguisher — the fabrication the mainstream media sold to the American public…. Dennis talks to John Bursch, senior counsel for ADF. The Democrats wants all donors to charities to be publicly known.

Dennis Prager 20210204 – 2 Fish Out of Water

Dennis talks to Eric Metaxas, best-selling author and host of the Eric Metaxas radio show on Salem Radio Network. His new book is Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life: A Memoir.

Dennis Prager 20210204 – 1 Ministry of Truth

The NY Times proposes that the Biden Administration appoint a Reality Czar. This is truly George Orwell’s 1984 coming to life…Rand Paul asks some very pertinent questions of the new Secretary of Education… Dennis talks to Bjorn Lomborg, President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution. The topic is how the Biden Administration is about to waste billions on Green fantasies.

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