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Dennis Prager 20210224 – 3 What Election Law

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Why did the Supreme Court not take the voter fraud cases, especially the obvious one in PA? Why wouldn’t they want to assure the American people that the election was legal and fair? Why do Republican appointed judges drift left? The Democratic judges never drift right… Will the “Cancun Affair” permanently damage Ted Cruz’s political career?

Dennis Prager 20210224 – 2 Follow the What?

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… When is a leader going to step out from the crowd and say “no need to where masks” anymore? Time to going back to living… Are we tired of “follow the science” yet?… No one can ever replace Rush Limbaugh. He made conservative talk radio possible… The vaccines seem to work and seem to be safe… Mark talks to Texas senator, Ted Cruz.

Dennis Prager 20210224 – 1 Lone Star Freeze

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Texas thaws out from last week’s freeze. Mark describes his own personal encounter with the polar vortex… When are we going to find out the truth about what happened on January 6? The media and the Dems have weaponized this unfortunate, destructive event beyond all recognition.

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