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Dennis Prager 20220512 – 3 Mule Train

Dinesh D’Souza joins Dennis to discuss his latest documentary 2000 Mules. The most compelling evidence to date from the 2020 election has emerged, True The Vote exposes suspicious ballot harvesting… the results are stunning. A Minister of Parliment in Finland is facing jail over a social media post that included a quotation from the Bible.

Dennis Prager 20220512 – 2 Not Good for Learning

Oregon has introduced the “Menstrual Dignity Act,” signed into law by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, it mandates that all public schools supply menstrual product dispensers in both boys’ and girls’ restrooms regardless of age. NYT’s article: When Covid-19 began to sweep across the country in March 2020, schools in every state closed their doors. Remote instruction effectively became a national policy for the rest of that spring. Dennis discusses the damage this did to children. The national average price for regular gasoline reached a new record-high on Tuesday, according to AAA. Environmentalists don’t care about the high price of gas because they’re all rich. Finland to apply to NATO ‘without delay’ as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

Dennis Prager 20220512 – 1 Rich Strike

Rich Strike, a late entry, defied incredibly long odds to win the Kentucky Derby on Saturday at Churchill Downs… 80-1 odds to win. Dennis talks with Bill O’Reilly about his latest book: Killing the Killers – The Secret War Against Terrorists.

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