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Dennis Prager 20220513 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: a challenge to you… why can’t go swimming in a baseball pool; I can’t convince my wife that the election was stolen which has caused problems in my marriage; I went to George Washington University, and they taught him about the Constitution and Federalists; what did your dad do, and did you ever want to work with him; how does I answer my son when he asks what is the point of heaven if everything is perfect; I wake up every day and think how can I contribute to the world; stop spending in Ukraine, Biden should go to Afghanistan get equipment he left behind.

Dennis Prager 20220513 – 1 Green Pork

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has adopted a new definition of “woman” that will allow transgender women to request inclusion as women in jails, homeless shelters, and domestic violence shelters. Within the news story Dennis discovered a priceless sentence: “’Intersectional’ shall mean the interconnected nature of social categorizations and individual characteristics that overlap as interdependent and compounded systems of discrimination.” The European Union has agreed to give $500 million in arms, aid to Ukrainian military as it battles Russia’s invasion. That is just a fraction of what the US House has passed, $40 Billion… a bill Dennis finds hard to believe isn’t rampant with environmental pork. The Washington Post is being mocked for their student op-ed calling to rename George Washington University, because the school is ‘rooted in systemic racism, institutional inequality and white supremacy.’ Maybe they should rename the paper?

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