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Dennis Prager 20230505 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: I do not agree with you about homeschooling; which do you think is a higher value sincerity or gratitude; not taking revenge on people but showing love instead of hate; kids in schools have to sit at a desk for hours versus being at home; do not agree with you about not wanting to know politicians personal things; I am young and want to run for office and just need advice; where are you getting that Jan 6th people are political prisoners; is there still prophecy?

Dennis Prager 20230505 – 1 AI

Should we worry about Artificial Intelligence and programs like ChatGPT? Dennis has concerns… Men with their sexual organs are being housed in a women’s prison in New Jersey. Female prisoners are understandably terrified… How can a girl feel that she’s really a boy? She has no idea how boys think. The same is true in the other direction… A black man executes two whites in Oklahoma just because they were white. Did you hear about this news story? Almost certainly not. Why not?

Dennis Prager 20230504 – 3 Disavowed

After a 26% loss in revenue, the Anheuser-Busch CEO supposedly disavows the Dylan Mulvaney snafu … but takes no responsibility for it at all.

Dennis Prager 20230504 – 2 Proclaiming Liberty

A common narrative is that liberty and equality have been advanced primarily when America’s leaders embrace progressive manifestations of religion or reject faith altogether. Mark David Hall joins Dennis to discuss the role Christianity has played in advancing liberty and equality for all citizens. His book: Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land demonstrates that Christianity is responsible for advancing liberty and equality for all Americans

Dennis Prager 20230504 – 1 Hardline Progressive

Florida Republicans pass bills on pronoun usage at schools, ban on diversity programs. A 12-year-old at was allegedly sent home from school and told he’s making people feel unsafe for wearing a shirt that read “there are only 2 genders.” Dennis searches for example of the terms “hardline progressive” and “secular extremism” …and finds none.

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