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Prager 20110606 – 3 Your Teacher Said What?

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Joe Kernen, host of CNBC morning show, Squawk Box. His new book is Your Teacher Said What?!: Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism.. Why did major news sources quote the Syrian government news agency as their source for those killed when Palestinians rushed the Israel border?

Prager 20110606 – 2 Hot Dog

Prager H2: What was Congressman Anthony Weiner thinking when he sent his now infamous snap shot of himself?… There are dozens of side-effects listed for every drug on the market. The reason? You guessed it: to protect from law suits… Every weekend Syrians protest against their government; every weekend some of the protestors are murdered…

Prager 20110606 -1 Like Pakistan

Prager H1: Just when you think Nicholas Kristof of the NY Times couldn’t get more foolish, he does. Now he says Republicans want to turn the US into Pakistan… Chris Matthews thinks that referring to the President favoring European economic policies is a “slur” on the level of a racial slur… Dennis talks Steve Milloy, environmental and public health policy consultant and founder of

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