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Prager 20110628 – 3 Ultimate Issues: Wisdom Begins

Prager H3: One of the most common phrases in the Bible is “the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God.” You can find it in Psalms, Proverbs and Job. Dennis explains what the verse means. This is the 9th in Dennis’s Brilliance of the Bible Series.

Prager 20110628 – 2 No More Pets

Prager H2: San Francisco considers banning the sale of all pets. This follows their attempts to ban circumcision and their bans on plastic bags, sugar drinks and Happy Meal toys. Can we call it Ban Francisco? Welcome to life where the Left has complete control… Just when you the think the Taliban can’t get any worse, they do…

Prager 20110628 – 1 Reagan and Eastern Europe

Prager H1: Eastern Europe celebrates Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. The Poles, Czechs and others appreciate their freedom and one of the key people who helped them get it… Dennis talks to Kevin Myers, columnist for the Irish Independent, a major newspaper in Ireland. Myers tries to explain why Irish intellectuals despise Israel… Maryland mandates environmental literacy. It’s now a graduation requirement.

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