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Prager 20150623 – 3 Dear Father, Dear Son

Prager H3: Larry speaks about his father’s perseverance and hard work. He talks about his book “Dear Father, Dear Son, ” A great book for those who grew up without a father. Larry talks about the incestuous relationship between President Obama and the media.

Prager 20150623 – 2 Southern Hospitality

Prager H2: Larry plays a clip of Tavis Smiley who claims that Reagan decimated America. A listener explains why he is a black republican. Governor O’Malley has no answer for how to solve the race issue, the only alternative Larry sees is reparations, and that won’t solve it either. Larry is in awe that so many people are concerned with the confederate flag after the tragedy in Charleston.

Prager 20150623 – 1 The Bigger Problem

Prager H1: Larry Elder guest hosts for Dennis and states that as a black man, he does not see racism against blacks as a major problem in the United States. When a caller disagrees with Larry 100%, Larry asks him for an example of racism that prevails in America. Larry claims that the bigger problem is blacks not seizing the opportunities afforded to them. Larry talks to Mr.Robert MaGuire the VP of the Charleston NAACP chapter regarding how well Charleston has been able to overcome this awful tragedy.

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