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Prager 20150629 – 03 The Experiment

Prager H3: A grand experiment is being conducted on young Americans. They are being told they are not really American, not really male or female; that gender doesn’t matter. There will be consequences… The notion of differences is offensive to the Left… Christian communities are being exterminated and the Pope is preoccupied with Global Warming. Why did he use a term like “Mother Earth” to describe Nature?… Even former Obama advisors think the proposed Iran nuke deal is a bad one.

Prager 20150629 – 02 Politics uber Allies

Prager H2: You may support the redefinition of marriage, but you should be very unhappy on how it was imposed on the American people… The liberals of the Supreme Court have turned this branch of government into a super-legislature… The Pope’s encyclical on Global Warming is very foolish, and worse…

Prager 20150629 – 01 Dennis Live

Prager H1: Dennis returns from his listener cruise to Europe. A lot happened – none of it good – while he was away: Supreme Court rulings on ObamaCare and same sex marriage, the massacre of church members in Charlotte, South Carolina, the massacre in Tunisia. He comments on all.

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