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Prager 20150624 – 03 Scapegoat

Prager H3: Republicans get a bad name because liberals claim that they only care about the rich and are selfish. The average Democrat household is wealthier than the average Republican household. Republicans are more generous with their money and time than Democrats. Caller challenges Larry claiming that he is doing the white man’s bidding. Ebay stopped selling the Confederate flag but Che Guevara T-shirts and black panther paraphernalia are still available.

Prager 20150624 – 02 Nuclear Families

Prager H2: Larry speaks of President Obama’s statement in which he says that “we are not cured of racism.” Larry talks about welfare creating dependency. We have incentivized women to marry the government and men to leave their responsibilities. Larry speaks of how the African American nuclear family has deteriorated since slavery and the pre-civil rights era.

Prager 20150624 – 01 The N-Word

Prager H1: Larry talks to Ann Coulter about her new book, “Adios America”. Larry mentions how loosening immigration hurts the black community. Larry is not shocked that Obama used the N word, he is more shocked that Obama claims we are not cured of racism because it is in our DNA. Larry talks about welfare being a reason as to why more kids are born out of wedlock in the poor community.

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