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Prager 20150625 – 03 Reparations

Prager H3: Larry remembers the church in South Carolina and how quickly they forgave the killer. How long before white America is forgiven for slavery and Jim Crow? Larry is accused of pandering to whites, but he cites examples of how this couldn’t be further from the truth. Caller tells Larry he should run for the California Senate.

Prager 20150625 – 02 Haters

Prager H2: Larry speaks with Israeli born comedian Avi Liberman who tours Israel in times of tension to give people something to laugh about. Larry answers hate mail sent in by listeners and responds to accusations that he inappropriately stereotypes African Americans.

Prager 20150625 – 01 Potus and Scotus

Prager H1: Larry fills in for Dennis. Obama changed the wording of the statute regarding Medicaid in a Supreme Court ruling this morning. Healthcare should not be thought of as a right, it is a commodity and nobody should be forced to pay for it. Nowhere in our Constitution is healthcare labeled as a right. States are forced into complying with Healthcare reform by withholding tax credits if they do not comply.

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