Prager 20150622 – 2 The Next President

Prager H2: Governor and Presidential candidate Scott Walker speaks of how he has handled the protestors that occupied the capitol in Wisconsin. Mark continues to evaluate different republican candidates for the next election.

Prager 20150622 – 1 Oh Say Can U. C.

Prager H1: Mark Isler guest hosts and talks about the countdown to Obama’s last day. What would it have been like if Obama had not been re-elected? Microaggressions: why you can’t say this is a “land of opportunity” according to the University of California regent system.

Prager 20150619 – 3 Fathers

Prager H3: Lee dedicates the hour to speaking about fathers in anticipation of Father’s Day. Guests include: Brad Wilcox, writer and professor of sociology at University of Virginia; Sheriff David A. Clark Jr.; and Spanish Announcer for the L. A. Dodgers, Jorge Jarrin. Jorge speaks of how he took over the L.A. Dodgers announcer position from his father.

Prager 20150619 – 2 First Jobs

Prager H2: Lee Habeeb speaks with Author Dina Dwyer about her book, Values, Inc: How Incorporating Values Into Business and Life Can Change the World. Lee is also joined by Brad Anderson, founder of Best Buy, and Mike Rowe, of the Discovery Channel, about first jobs.

Prager 20150619 – 1 Team of Teams

Prager H1: Guest Host Lee Habeeb speaks with General Stanley McChrystal about his new book: Team of Teams. McChrystal speaks of a concept in his book… the idea of shared consciousness. A caller who served under General McChrystal shares how the practices he learned under the General have helped him run a small business.

Prager 20150618 – 3 Fostering Success

Prager H3: Lee Habeeb talks with Foster Friess, American Businessman… and “one-percenter,” about how to be successful. Dave Marky, COO at Friess Associates and Fran Okenski, partner at Friess Associates, also give testament to Foster’s formula.

Prager 20150618 – 2 Pomp and Substance

Prager H2: Lee Habeeb spends the hour with this years commencement speech by Dr. Larry Arnn at Hillsdale College. He plays examples of great commencement speeches including: Ronald Reagan, Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, and Steve Jobs.

Prager 20150618 – 1 Charleston

Prager H1: Lee Habeeb sits in for Dennis and opens about the shooting in South Carolina and what happened there. How long will it take for politicans to jump on the gun legislation bandwagon? Callers weigh in.

Prager 20150617 – 3 Feelings

Prager H3: Mark Larson speaks with Mark Bauerlein about his book: The State of the American Mind. Who is responsible for curtailing the destructive efforts of ISIS if not Obama? Mark speaks on the current state of discourse as being controlled by feelings.

Prager 20150617 – 2 Ebony and Ivory

Prager H2: Mark Larson discusses Rachel Dolezal’s identification as a black woman. A lesser known presidential candidate, Michael Petyo, calls in to comment on the Presidential race. John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, joins the program on Iran and taking threats to the U.S seriously.

Prager 20150617 – 1 Full Boat

Prager H1: Mark Larson sits in for Dennis and discusses how the California drought is a problem invented by bureaucrats who did not prepare adequately. Dinesh D’Souza weighs in on the current Presidential candidates, including Donald Trump. Caller has objection to D’Souza’s moral principles.

Prager 20150616- 3 Trumped

Prager H3: Mark Larson talks about Donald Trump’s announcement today to enter the 2016 Presidential race. Bill Gertz, editor, columnist and reporter for The Washington Free Beacon and The Washington Times.

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