Prager 20180110 – 3 Je Ne Sais Pa

French women, led by famed actress Catherine Deneuve, distance themselves from the MeToo movement… The governor of Washington state tells his legislature that they have 59 days to save the planet… Robert De Niro insults the President – again.

Prager 20180110 – 1 Build the Wall

The Democrats are not going to compromise on building a border wall… The Left has no interest in national borders. Borders are nationalistic… Dennis talks to Tammy Bruce, Fox News analyst and fellow talk show host.

Prager 20180109 – 2 Oprah

The Dems are all agog at the idea that Oprah might run for President. That’s fine. But what are her positions?… The latest charge against the President is that he suffers from mental instability. Wait, are we talking about the President or the media?… Criticize Islam in Canada now and you could end up in jail.

Prager 20180109 – 1 Lenin

Dennis talks to Victor Sebestyen, British journalist and historian. His new book is Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror.

Prager 20180108 – 3 Notional Truth

NYT White House reporter says that Michael Wolff has a notional idea of the truth. What is that?… Jews are increasingly threatened in Germany – by Muslims… Dennis talks to Michael Walsh, novelist, screenwriter and columnist for American Greatness and PJ Media.

Prager 20180108 – 2 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes took place last night. No one seemed to care about the awards. It was the politics that mattered… Dennis talks to Naomi Riley, columnist for the New York Post. Her new book is Be the Parent, Please: Stop Banning Seesaws and Start Banning Snapchat: Strategies for Solving the Real Parenting Problems.

Prager 20180108 – 1 Wolff at the Door

If you’re a Trump hater, Michael Wolff’s new gossip book is just want you wanted to hear; but if you’re interested in the truth, you should be very skeptical… California has already seceded from the Union. All they have to do is make it official.

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