Prager 20180105 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: are people basically good; is happy wife happy life true or a myth. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on January 6, 2017.

Prager 20180105 – 2 Happiness Hour: Win Some, Lose Some

You can’t win them all. You’re going to “lose” more than a few times. Dennis lost one this week, flying to a speech that was cancelled while he was in mid-flight to snowy, freezing NYC… We choose how to react what happens to us.

Prager 20180105 – 1 Flurries

Dennis has been trapped in NYC for the last two days because of severe weather forecasts, but not because of severe weather. His flights home to Los Angeles have been cancelled. The speech he was supposed to give was cancelled. But every Broadway show went on as scheduled. The show must go on. What happened to our nation’s “show must go on” attitude?… Every week there’s more good Trump news. The latest: black unemployment rate is the lowest in 45 years. Will it matter at the polls?

Prager 20180104 – 3 On A Napkin

A woman in a diner left Dennis a question on a napkin regarding her how to treat her homosexual son. Dennis gives advice on how to treat family members whose lifestyles are in conflict with your values.

Prager 20180104 – 1 What Matters

What matters? Not unsubstantiated gossip from a notorious, Trump-hating gossip monger. The media is all atwitter about a salacious new gossip book. But if his Administration is so chaotic, how has President managed to achieve so much in the last year? Achievements matter. Gossip does not…

Prager 20180103 – 3 Colder Than…

A new cold wave sweeps down into the Southeast and new wave descends from Canada. More proof of Global Warming… The President launched one his best tweets at N Korea’s dictator… A Democrat congressman sets a new low of Trump-hate.

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