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Dennis Prager 20200415 – 3 Endorsing Joe

Dan Proft fills in for Dennis from Chicago. The Endorsements for Biden are rolling in, yesterday former President Obama, and today Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment and Chairman of the Internet Freedom Coalition joins Dan to talk about his latest column, co-authored by Stephen Moore: The $2 trillion relief package makes unemployment pay more than work. Dan is also joined by Gail Wilensky PhD, senior fellow at Project HOPE and commissioner for the Heritage Foundation National Coronavirus Recovery Commission.

Dennis Prager 20200415 – 2 Fredo’s Lament

Dan Proft fills in for Dennis from Chicago. Dr. Gary Slutkin, epidemiologist, and former Director of Intervention at WHO, joins the show. Chris Cuomo, CNN, spent his quarantine Monday night regretting his job, because he can’t retaliate to “fat tire bikers” criticism… then apologized Tuesday. A Kentucky Doctor was arrested for attacking teen girls, choking one, apparently for not social distancing, video of the incident went viral over the weekend.

Dennis Prager 20200415 – 1 Presbyterians Aisle 3

Dan Proft fills in for Dennis from Chicago. The Justice Department sided with churches in the COVID-19 religious dispute. Liquor stores, weed shops, and grocery stores are open, Churches… not so much. Rev. Bill Bolin, defied Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan by keeping his church open for in-person services. Amity Shlaes, best-selling author of The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression, joins the program to discuss her latest column: The Great Depression didn’t have to happen. Neither does a covid-19 depression. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced today some shops could reopen next week and that schools across the country would be allowed to open gradually May 4th.

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