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Dennis Prager 20200430 – 3 Open Up

Dennis talks to Dennis talks to Andy Puzder, economic analyst for Fox News, former CEO of Carls Jr and Hardees restaurants. His new book is Getting America Back to Work… We are all guinea pigs. Healthy people are being quarantined. We have no way of knowing if this experiment is working.

Dennis Prager 20200430 – 2 Drip by Drip

We are giving up our freedoms, one by one… We know who this disease fatally attacks: the old and infirm. This is true across the world… We are not following the science, we are following scientists… Dennis talks to Dr. Daniel Erikson, Emergency Physician in Bakersfield, CA. Co-Owner Accelerated Urgent Care. His video with his business partner and fellow doctor had 5 million views on YouTube before YouTube blocked it for violating “community guidelines.”

Dennis Prager 20200430 – 1 Don’t Burn this Book

Dennis talks to Dave Rubin, host of top-ranked Dave Rubin Show podcast. His new book is Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason. He also teaches the new PragerU video this week. “The Bravery Deficit.” A health minister in Finland recognizes that they may have been shut down the country too early. They have had no chance to build up herd immunity.

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