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Dennis Prager 20200423 – 3 Consequences

We’ve given up our freedoms and endangered the lives of millions to fight this virus. But there have been more deadly viruses than this one and we didn’t shut down for them. Why not?…Dennis talks to Tyson Langhoffer, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom. Church-goers are being prohibited from meeting even in cities where there have been no deaths.

Dennis Prager 20200423 – 2 Deaths Per Million

The US ranks 10th in deaths per million for the virus… Dennis talks to Joel Hay, Professor of Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy Dept. of Health and Pharmaceutical Economics, University of Southern California.

Dennis Prager 20200423 – 1 Tragic Mistake

People are dying because they’re not going to the hospital when they need to. They are more afraid of catching the virus than treating their real illness. Dennis reads about a young person in Israel who died making this tragic mistake… The media has spooked the world with their hysterical statements… Dennis talks to Aryeh Leifert, American-born Israel tour guide from Walking Israel Tours. Israel has been in a severe lockdown for a month. Tourism doesn’t exist.

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