Dennis Prager 20200422 – The Suffering

The suffering that will result from this worldwide economic shutdown will be unprecedented. The Left says they care about children. The children will suffer the most. Millions literally will not have food… The governor of Georgia plans to open up his state. He’s being vilified for it.

Dennis Prager 20200422 – Who Cares

The Left believes that the Right wants to open up the country because those on the Right are more concerned about their stocks than human lives. Does that mean conservatives don’t care about themselves or their parents? Does that make sense? The people who were protesting in Michigan and other states because they want jobs and not government handouts — do they look like Wall Street types?… Would New York shut down if the virus were centered in Wyoming?

Dennis Prager 20200421 – 2 Get Back

Dennis talks to Kurt Schlichter, senior columnist for Townhall. Mature adults make choices… Two doctors tear down a Trump banner. They bring their kids with them. TDS is real… The New York Times loathes America.

Dennis Prager 20200421 – 1 Drones

Cities are using drones to track their citizens’ corona behavior… Oregon has barely been hit by the virus, but it is still locked down… The Left loves power over people…

Dennis Prager 20200420 – 3 HC

Dennis talks to Vladimir Zelenko, MD in the New York City area. He’s been treating corona virus patients successfully with HC, antibiotics and zinc. It’s all question of timing. Got to hit the virus early.

Dennis Prager 20200420 – 2 Made Up Numbers

We are consigning ourselves to a worldwide depression over made-up numbers. Epidemology is not a science… New York’s mayor tells his citizens to spy on each other… Hospitals are losing billions as they cancel all procedures to prepare for a corona tsunami that hasn’t come…

Dennis Prager 20200420 – 1 Give Me Liberty

The Mayor Los Angeles sets conditions to open up the city that can’t be met. So we open when?… When does “better safe than sorry” not work anymore?… Dennis talks to science writer and investigative reporter, Michael Fumento. The corona virus is following its predicted pattern.

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