Dennis Prager 20210609 – 3 Maverick

Dennis talks to Jason Riley, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and columnist for the WSJ. His new book is Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell… Dennis replays the clip of the father and 6-year-old daughter deconstructing Critical Race Theory.

Dennis Prager 20210609 – 1 Boys in Their Summer Dresses

Men in dresses is the new fashion trend in our gender fluid world, says the NY Times. Really? Seen any guy in a dress lately. Is this just another NY Times fantasy that we’re supposed to believe?… The Left inverts reality… Will Democrats pay a price for the defund the police movement.

Dennis Prager 20210608 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Fathers

Dennis talks to Lee Habeeb, producer of the documentary “The Streets Were My Father,” the host of “Our American Stories,” a weekday radio show syndicated across the U.S and founder of American Private Radio.

Dennis Prager 20210608 – 2 Disinformation

Dennis talks to Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. Miller is in an epic free speech battle with the university and his colleagues.

Dennis Prager 20210608 – 1 Birthing People

The Biden Administration doesn’t refer to mother as mothers. They are birthing people. Who is driving this?… A father and his six-year-old daughter make an eloquent case against Critical Race Theory… The Left doesn’t have broken moral compass; it doesn’t use a moral compass…Yale Medical School hosts a psychoanalyst who openly declares her hatred for white people.

Dennis Prager 20210607 – 2 Not Thinking

How can you live in the USA and think it is the cesspool the Left thinks it is? The Left and the Right live on two different planets… Dennis returns to the ACLU and its abandonment of free speech…

Dennis Prager 20210607 – 1 Republican Thinking

Caitlyn Jenner makes a classic Republican misstatement: there’s no particular Republican way of thinking. Yes, there is. If there isn’t, what does it mean to be a Republican?… The ACLU used to be primarily concerned with free speech. Not anymore. Now they just want to be woke. Free speech is no longer a priority.

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