Dennis Prager 20210604 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: can you replay a conversation you had with Allen Estrin about hard-boiled egg, it was so funny; about the guy who played one note for an hour he knows why; the Right is not transphobic, here’s why; can you convince me not to go to law school; you should focus on important issues and not so much on masks; I’d rather have a happy marriage than a career; I do not agree with you that knowing how to read music makes you appreciate music more.

Dennis Prager 20210604 – 1 Plasticware

Why have we been so slow to reclaim our freedom from Covid restrictions? Why is Denny’s still serving meals with plastic knives and forks?… The CDC director said that he received death threats from scientists when he suggested the virus came from the Wuhan lab… Dennis talks to Ben Shapiro, host of the Ben Shapiro podcast on The Daily Wire and this year’s commencement speaker for Prager University.

Dennis Prager 20210603 – 2 Classical

Dennis pays tribute to Hans Zimmer the composer of the show theme from the movie Gladiator. Movie composers — like Mozart and Beethoven before them — have to please the public. Modern “classic” composers no longer do… Are Crash Test dummies sexist?… Dennis talks to Julie Hartman, senior at Harvard.

Dennis Prager 20210603 – 1 Maher, Kristof, Prager

Dennis deconstructs Bill Maher’s interview with NY Times columnist re: Gaza vs. Israel. Maher is nothing short of magnificent. Kristof is nothing short of foolish…Dennis talks to Marc Morano, former senior staff member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, publisher of His new book is Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.

Dennis Prager 20210602 – 3 Systemic Racism

Whenever the President gets the chance, he tells the country how racist it is… and how he’ll magically fix it… The Left destroys everything it touches… You pay no price fighting the Right. You pay a big price fighting the Left… Dennis talks to Lee Habeeb, producer of the new documentary The Streets Were My Father, and president of Our American Network.

Dennis Prager 20210602 – 1 Foster Friess

Dennis salutes a great American who passed away last week, Foster Friess. He was a generous, God-fearing man who revered this country. We are all poorer for his passing… Cheating at schools has become rampant during the lockdown. It’s very easy… Joe Biden continues to denigrate America… Kamala Harris gives bad advice to young woman.

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