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Dennis Prager 20220719 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Looking into Space

Dennis talks to Brian Keating, professor of astrophysics at University of CA, San Diego. He also presents two very popular PragerU videos. Follow the Science and What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse? The topic: is the new pictures from the Webb space telescope. What do they show and what do they mean?

Dennis Prager 20220719 – 2 White Liberal Female Depressed

Why are so many white liberal women so unhappy? Could it be that they’ve been sold a bill of goods? That career should be their preoccupation?… Sweden and Denmark had the same rate of excess deaths during the pandemic. Shouldn’t no-lockdown Sweden have a higher rate?… What is the connection between health and politics?

Dennis Prager 20220719 – 1 Sinai vs. Anti-Sinai

If you want to be free, you must learn to control yourself. That is the lesson of Sinai. The lesson of the anti-Sinai forces is that your feelings are paramount… UPenn nominates a man to be NCAA female athlete of the year. The Ivy League is a moral cesspool… The White House is getting ready to declare a climate emergency. What is that?… Dennis talks to Michael Fumento, science writer. The topic is monkey pox.

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