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Dennis Prager 20220721 – 3 Hard to Build

It’s very hard to build civilization. It’s very easy to destroy it… Dennis talks to Aryeh Lightstone, senior advisor to U.S. Ambassador to Israel during the Trump Adminstration, David Friedman. His new book is Let My People Know: The Incredible Story of Middle East Peace―and What Lies Ahead.

Dennis Prager 20220721 – 2 To Love God

You must hate evil… It’s hard to appreciate the act of heroism of Elisjsha Dicken. He faced evil and overcame it… LAUSD (Los Angeles public school system) wants to “breakdown the gender binary.” There are so few truly transgender students we must look deeper for a motive of the left’s trans obsession. The answer is found in Marx’s love of a quote from the Goethe play, “Faust.” “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”

Dennis Prager 20220721 – 1 Who Is Good?

Are you good if you are simply a nice person? Or takes it more than that?… Elisjsha Dicken, the young man who killed the Indiana Mall murderer, is a true hero and good person… To the left you are a nothing. The state is to take care of all your needs and all your family’s needs. To the right, you are a something. You are responsible to take care of yourself and your family… Dennis talks to Dr. Simone Gold. She’s headed to a federal penitentiary for walking into the capitol on January 6.

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