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Dennis Prager 20220725 – 3 Military Down

The US Armed Forces are, like police departments, becoming depopulated. Who is to blame? The brass and the Joint Chiefs blame everybody but themselves, their failures and their woke policies… The efforts of environmentalists to denude the world of fossil fuel energy is more dangerous to the future of civilization than any threat from global warming.

Dennis Prager 20220725 – 2 Blind Faith

Religious people are dismissed because they have “blind faith.” But there is no faith as blind as that of secular people. Their faith the world is going to burn up from carbon emissions in 10, 20 or 50 years has no religious parallel… Many now have blind faith in the Covid vaccines even though there is more and more evidence that they either don’t work or are unnecessary or even potentially harmful for most people… Dennis talks to Amity Shlaes, Chair of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation and author of Coolidge. She presents two of this week’s three PragerU videos on The Jazz Age Presidents: Harding and Coolidge. The third video is Hoover (presented by Kenneth Whyte).

Dennis Prager 20220725 – 1 Moon over Miami

Dennis is in Miami for the week. Miami is known this time of year for its oppressive heat and humidity, but it’s very livable now. Why? The answer is energy supplied by fossil fuel… The National Education Convention confirms all of one’s worst fears about teachers unions: they are fully woke and fully an appendage of the Democratic Party.

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