Dennis Prager 20220906 – 2 Non-Binary

A children’s hospital in Chicago encourages children to come out as non-binary. What seven-year-old ever said the word “non-binary” five years ago?… Having pride in America and reverence for the Constitution is now considered “dark” and “fear-based” by the Democrats and the president.

Dennis Prager 20220906 – 1 The Red Speech

What is a MAGA Republican? What is the difference between a Republican and one who Donald Trump and a MAGA Republican?… The U. of Minnesota Medical School incoming medical students take an oath decrying “white supremacy, ableism, and colonialism…” among other woke sins.

Dennis Prager 20220905 – 3 What’s My Line, Part 3

Callers include a maintenance worker, a union organizer, a power grid engineer, a writer/illustrator of children’s books, a motion picture/television art director, a technical specialist for the disabled, and a woman who makes teeth. Originally broadcast September 3, 2012.

Dennis Prager 20220905 – 2 What’s My Line, Part 2

Callers include a personalized wine box maker, a retirement planner, a computer access controller, a homeschooler, a motorcycle critic, a dog daycare owner, and a cabinet maker. Originally broadcast September 3, 2012.

Dennis Prager 20220905 – 1 What’s My Line?

On Labor Day, Dennis asks people what they do for a living. Callers include a baker, a fitness pro, a laptop part company entrepreneur, a nutritional consultant, and antique Judaica dealer, a perfusionist, and the guy who sells coupons on the back of you receipts. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast September 3, 2012.

Dennis Prager 20220902 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: What if your parents are not honorable, how should you honor them; Do you find the phrase to “Jew someone down” offensive; Will you eat plant-based bacon; Have you ever discussed using age of consent laws in regard to transgender surgery; Would like to explain the Christian perspective on the unconditional love of God; If Jews are the chosen people by God then what did they do to earn that honor; My mom abused me, and I struggled with it… until I had a revelation.

Dennis Prager 20220902 – 1 Gratuitous Hatred

What was the theme of President Biden’s very bad speech? “If I can get half the country to fear the other half, then I’ve done my job. And the NY Times will love me.” Biden did not offer a single example of how President Trump impaired democracy during his term. His singular obsession is January 6, a stupid riot by some stupid people. This is the Dems “Reichstag fire”: a simple reference to January 6 and you can say or do anything to your political opponents… Dennis plays clips from the speech and comments.

Dennis Prager 20220901 – 2 Vaccine Efficacy

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… In the UK, over 90% of the people who are dying of Covid have been vaccinated. Is it time to question whether the vaccine is doing any good?… Julie talks to Heather Mac Donald, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Dennis Prager 20220901 – 1 Manufacturing Problems

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… As a self-admitted history nerd, Julie draws attention to the fact that no one can predict the future. And the future can tilt toward the good or the bad… The Left loves to manufacture problems like “white supremacy” and then pretend to solve them… A courageous woman in Seattle stands up for small children who were being ogled by a pervert. In our bizarro world, she’s the one who catches the heat.

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