Dennis Prager 20220909 – 1 God Bless the Queen

Queen Elizabeth is dead at 96. She was a symbol of national unity in Great Britain and the personification of dignity and grace… Not suprisingly, those on the radical left are celebrating her death, some with vicious tweets.

Dennis Prager 20220908 – 3 Energy Poor

The UK is caught in an energy crisis. Pubs are threatened with widespread bankruptcy. They can’t pay their electric bills. Do the English know who is responsible for this unnecessary crisis? The situation is not any better in Germany… Dennis talks to Nick Eberstadt, Senior fellow of Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute. His new book is Men Without Work: Post-Pandemic Edition.

Dennis Prager 20220908 – 2 Less Liberty

An Irish teacher is charged with a crime for not calling a student by their preferred pronoun… The French Revolution with its obsession with “equality” has proven more influential than the American Revolution with its focus on individual liberty… Dennis talks to Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, producers of the new movie “My Son Hunter.”

Dennis Prager 20220908 – 1 No Relationship to Truth

The left has no relationship with truth. The latest example: Mediaite writes a very misleading headline re: Dennis’s commentary about how nice people can belong to an evil movement…Dennis talks to Thomas Di Lorenzo, professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. His new book is The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics.

Dennis Prager 20220907 – 3 Young Smirks

The hosts of the leftist podcast, The Young Turks, mock Dennis’s latest column. But in doing so, they end up unintentionally mocking themselves.

Dennis Prager 20220907 – 1 EV Madness

We barely have enough energy to power air conditioners during a California heatwave, but we expect the entire state to drive electric cars by 2035? Where is the power going to come from?… 25% of Democrats say that men can give birth, according to a new poll. That number goes up if you isolate female Democrats and goes up more if you isolate female Democrats with a college degree…

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