Dennis Prager 20220919 – 2 Dennis at the Rodeo

Dennis attended a rodeo in Ft Worth, TX over the weekend. It’s a long way from Harvard Yard to the Stockyard in Ft Worth, not so much geographically, but politically and morally.

Dennis Prager 20220919 – 1 The Queen’s Funeral

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was this morning. It was full of pageantry and ritual. Human beings need these things. They bind us to our past… Sadly, Pope Francis is leftist. He is not bringing people to the Catholic Church; he’s chasing them away with his preoccupation with global warming and anti-capitalism.

Dennis Prager 20220916 – 3 Freedom of Religion

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Public education has drifted from religious neutrality to being openly hostile to the religious freedom of students… President Trump was given to exaggeration now and again. But when it came to the big stuff — problems at the border, the Russia hoax, the terrible Obama Iran deal — he was always spot on.

Dennis Prager 20220916 – 2 Better than the Alternative

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Not every Republican candidate is a paradigm of conservative principles, not every Republican candidate is a golden-tongued orator or a Rhodes scholar. But every Republican candidate is better than their Democratic opponent. A Democrat might talk moderate, but they all vote for the party’s radical policies.

Dennis Prager 20220916 – 1 Martha’s Border

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Republican governors are sending illegal immigrants to Democratic strongholds: Chicago, Washington, DC, and now Martha’s Vineyard, sanctuary cities all. You’d think the Democratic mayors of these cities would be welcome these migrants, right? Wrong.

Dennis Prager 20220915 – 3 Nation of Victims

Dennis talks to Vivek Ramaswamy, biotech entrepreneur, best-selling author of “Woke, Inc” and PragerU presenter. His PragerU video is “When Big Business Went Woke.” His new book is Nation of Victims: Identity Politics, the Death of Merit, and the Path Back to Excellence… America was built around the idea of what the government can’t do; now it’s all about what the government can do.

Dennis Prager 20220915 – 2 Sweden Swings Right

Sweden is becoming a country to admire. Who would have thought? It was stellar during the lockdown, keeping their kids in schools. Now voters there have just elected a new right-leaning government. The NY Times is not pleased… Do children by their very presence make the world a better place?

Dennis Prager 20220915 – 1 Suspension of Disbelief

Can anybody name what Donald Trump did as president that qualifies him as a fascist? Did he do anything as fascistic as wiping out a trillion dollar of student loan debt with the stroke of a pen?… CA wants to be a sanctuary state for “gender-affirming care.”… Is Western Europe turning Right?… Dennis talks to Marc Morano, publisher of (great place to get science-based news on climate change). His new book is The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.

Dennis Prager 20220914 – 3 I’m Not a Girl

Leftist teachers continue to flood schools with gender-confusing messages. Every day there’s a new example. The Left is a chaos-creating machine… Dennis talks to Elaine Parker, Chief Communications Officer for Job Creators Network. As far as small businesses are concerned, we are in a recession. No redefinition is necessary.

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